About Us

Hi! My name is Amie and I am the founder of Babsycola Bundles.

I'm the mother of three amazing young boys. After having my third baby, six years after having my first, I noticed that the clothes and toys available on the high street had not really changed that much at all. With having boys, I especially found that variety was very limited. This led me on a quest to source unique clothes and toys for my children.

And I love what I found....

This is where the idea of Babsycola Bundles began! I want to share with you all the gorgeous independent children brands I found. As a mum, I know how precious time is and that most mums, or mums to be, don't have the time to source these products for themselves and so I am really pleased to be able to share this joy with you.

I am a very creative person who loves having a little 'crafty' project on the go. I enjoy painting, sewing, sketching, taking photographs and designing wedding stationary. I particularly relish putting together little bundles of gifts for my friends and family.

Now I have the opportunity to create bundles for your little bundles! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have loved putting them together for you.

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